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SW Plugs-Trolling

2 Results
Manns Magnum Stretch 40+
Manns Magnum Stretch 40+

A lure designed with a larger size and more depth than the Magnum Stretch 30+ but with all the toughness of the Giganticus G50+. Has a patented lip feature that guarantees true running at high speed, 2 Mustad double hooks and a lip to tail through-wire. Can be trolled at depths over 40 feet. 14". [more]

Manns Stretch + Imitator
Manns Stretch + Imitator

The shape and paint designs provide extremely realistic details. It has a one-piece thru-body wire for added strength and features 2 Mustad, size 7/0 forged double hooks for really tough fish. The Stretch + Imitator is designed to be trolled at 3-6 MPH and will reach depths of over 25’ on 30… [more]

2 Results