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Fishing Lures

Yo-Zuri Bonita
$54.99 - $69.99
The Bonita has a Poly Balsa urethane construction for unbelievable durability, and super-sharp, corrosion resistant salt water double hooks or single hooks with ball bearing swivels. These are properly balanced for super swimming action, and come in vivid colors and patterns. Diving depths are from 6 to 8 feet.
Manns Magnum Stretch 40+
A lure designed with a larger size and more depth than the Magnum Stretch 30+ but with all the toughness of the Giganticus G50+. Has a patented lip feature that guarantees true running at high speed, 2 Mustad double hooks and a lip to tail through-wire. Can be trolled at depths over 40 feet. 14".
TriggerX Shrimp
Life-like detail and addition of Ultrabite® Pheromones creates a bait that is more effective than live bait without all of the hassle.
Manns Stretch + Imitator
The shape and paint designs provide extremely realistic details. It has a one-piece thru-body wire for added strength and features 2 Mustad, size 7/0 forged double hooks for really tough fish. The Stretch + Imitator is designed to be trolled at 3-6 MPH and will reach depths of over 25’ on 30 lb. line. T
Rapala Deep Tail Dancer™
$12.99 - $13.49
Designed to get deep where the lunkers lay during the mid summer to early fall months. Features an enlarged extreme diving lip that plummets the lures to 30+ feet and 20+ feet respectively with ease. Bleeding color pattern features bleeding gills, red lip and hooks creates the ultimate injured minnow look-alike.
Rapala Skitter Walk®
$12.49 - $13.49
Superior construction assures a perfect swimming bait right-out-of-the-box. Toss it out. Pump. Reel. Pump. Reel. You're "Walking-the-Dog." Weighted tail keeps bait in natural position even at rest. Large internal rattles create a rhythmic side-to-side motion-and-sound combination that imitates wounded or fleeing baitfish. All feature 3D holographic eyes and you can choose from appetizing painted or chrome color patterns. All are equipped with VMC® black nickel hooks.
Yo-Zuri 3ds Minnow
$10.99 - $12.49
The 3D Fingerling is a proven fish catcher especially in shore saltwater gamefish. Lifelike color patterns incorporated with suspending 3D body technology and lifelike eyes. Perfect swimming action. Comes per-rigged with new stronger and sharper round bend treble hooks. Rolling action. ( Measures 2 3/4" and weighs 1/4 ounce)
Rapala Twitchin’ Rap
Balsa wood construction. Weighted it can be fished anywhere. Wounded minnow action. Long casting lipless design. Painted eye.
Mirrolure Heavy Dine
Features bright, reflective, luminescent inserts, "fish calling" rattles and natural 3-D eyes to enhance their realism, plus extra strong hooks. With a twitching retrieve, these baits dart from side-to-side, mimicking a wounded baitfish. Trout, Redfish, Snook, Striped Bass and Tarpon find the MirrOdines® to be irresistible.
Mirrolure Mirromullet?
Mirromullet closely resembles a juvenile finger mullet, a favorite for all coastal predators. This surface walker features a wounded mullet action and subtle presentation which is ideal for fishing the calm shallows. Features a luminescence insert for increased flash, 3D eyes and natural mullet profile.
Mirrolure 7m Series
Varied rod twitches create an underwater dart and flash, but when fished with a steady retrieve, they will swim just below the surface.
Mirrolure She Dog?
Molded from "space age" plastic media, the She Dog? features twin "sonic fish calling" rattles. She emits a high frequency sound which enrages gamefish into monstrous strikes. Great "walk-the-dog" action which anyone can master. Higher buoyancy and sound frequency. Both freshwater and saltwater game fish find this lure irresistible.
Booyah Vibra-flx
$8.69 - $9.19
The bait frame is built from Vibra-FLX wire, which creates more vibration than standard stainless steel wire. Also offers flexible memory and added toughness. Comes loaded with great features including counter rotating blades and a new Silo-Tek skirt, which undulates like flat rubber, but because it is silicone it is much more durable.
Heddon Pop'n Image
$7.59 - $8.49
The versatile Pop'n Image allows anglers to accomplish topwater's top two actions: "popping" and "walking the dog". Designed for castability and features a realistic finish, fish-like eyes and Excalibur Rotating Treble Hooks.
Yo-Zuri Squid Jigs
Perfectly balanced for a precise lifelike swimming action, these jigs prove irresistible to squid.
Strike King KVD Perfect Plastics Finesse Worm
The ultimate shakey head, wacky rig or drop shot rig. Designed with a super soft formula for awesome action, each worm features a bevelled tail design for unreal action.
Strike King Pro Model Series 5 Deep Diver Crankbait
The Strike King Series 5 Crankbait is a medium sized body with a medium wobble and medium buoyancy, has a 2° diving plane to allow for lengthened casts and deeper depths.
Booyah Moon Talker
Moon Talker delivers with a #5 or #6 blk nickel Colorado blade. With proven color combinations, this series is a staple for the avid night fisherman. Night time spinnerbait.
Rebel Crappie Crank R
$6.49 - $6.69
Amazing baitfish shape and action, color patterns specifically designed for crappie, and running depth of around 10 feet, the Crank-R is the perfect crankbait for pulling up big slabs.
Heddon Sonar Flash?
$5.39 - $6.29
The Heddon Sonar Flash is as versatile as any lure you'll find in the fishing industry. The Sonar Flash features three line-tie holes, each positioned for a different fishing technique. Tie your line to the front hole for casting and fishing shallower water. Tie to the middle hole for vertical jigging. The third hole is for trolling or casting to deeper water. The Flash in Sonar Flash refers to the super-reflective sides of this tantalizing blade, which adds a baitfish flash to the action to attract fish from a distance. Fish deep, shallow, vertical, horizontal, fast, slow, troll, cast the Sonar does it all.
DOA Bait Buster
$5.59 - $5.79
Imitates a swimming baitfish. With shallow runner will tease the fish on the surface. The single upright hook system reduces hang-ups and weed problems. The hollow body allows the lure to collapse in the fish's mouth and insures better hooksets.
Strike King Mini-king®
The cousin to our ever popular larger Redeye spinnerbaits, the Redeye Mini-King is just what you need when targeting small bodies of water or shallow cover for just about anything that swims
DOA C.a.l. Shad Tail
Made of the highest quality material with laminated color backs and tails. (Measures 3 1/2")
DOA Terroreyz?
Holographic glitter eyes to customize your own TerrorEyz?. Snag-proof lead hook. 4 eyes pack. Equipped with gold hooks.
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